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The city of Fiumicino sits on the Tyrrhenian coast. Its ancient part is spread along Via Torre Clementina, following an arrangement designed by Giuseppe Valadier.

The Hotel La Villetta is located in the heart of Fiumicino, only 5 minutes away from the main street, Via della Torre Clementina, where you can taste delicious recipes in the famous seafood restaurants. The street also has cafés, wine bars, shops and much more.

Oasi di Porto, Harbour of Trajan, Parco di Villa Guglielmi, Isola Sacra, the Lungotevere and the seafront of Fiumicino and much more: the Hotel La Villetta is a great starting point to discover all the marvels of this seaside town and its surrounding areas.

The Centro Commerciale Parco Leonardo shopping mall is only 6 km away from the hotel and is an excellent place to go shopping, have a bite and enjoy a movie at UCI Cinemas.

Only a few kilometres to the north of Maccarese is the mouth of the Arrone river.

Restaurants we suggest:

  • La Piazzetta
  • La Fenice
  • Dai quattro cantoni
  • Al 33
  • Gioia 2
  • L’Angoletto
  • Il pesciolino innamorato
  • Il Borgo da ciao Belli
  • Ristorantino da Giorgio
  • Uniti nel gusto
  • La Marina
  • Ristoaereo
  • L’Orologio
  • Pub the tower

Do you have a couple of hours to spare?

If you have little time but would love to visit Fiumicino and its surrounding areas, we suggest:

  • Lungomare (seafront) di Fiumicino, with many free beaches or beach clubs, cafés and restaurants;
  • Via della Torre Clementina, formerly Borgo Valadier, a beautiful maritime little town built between 1823 and 1827 by architect Giuseppe Valadier, where you can go for a lovely walk along the Tiber;
  • Parco Villa Guglielmi, a green area where you can relax, go for a stroll or jog;
  • La Darsena di Fiumicino, a typical marina that hosts events and parties during the summer months.

Do you have six hours to spare?

We have come up with a special itinerary for your free half day:

  • Oasi di Porto, where, in a beautiful natural oasis, a horse-drawn carriage will take you around the Harbour of Trajan while a guide tells you stories of the place;
  • Necropoli di Porto: one of the most beautiful necropolis of the Roman west, where you can lose yourself among mausoleums and reliefs;
  • Archaeological area of the Harbour of Trajan: 5 km of paths in the largest harbour structure of the ancient Roman world and a biodiversity reserve characterised by more than 2,300 tall trees;
  • Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica, one of the largest archaeological parks of ancient Rome. The colony was founded in the late 5th-early 4th century BC, as a "castrum", a fortified rectangular citadel;
  • Terme QRoma: beautiful baths immersed in the splendid context of Oasi di Porto;
  • Centro Commerciale Leonardo da Vinci (shopping mall);
  • Centro Commerciale Leonardo and Centro Commerciale Leonardo da Vinci: countless shops to choose from the best fashion labels, restaurants, cafés and an efficient underground station that will get you to Rome in less than 30 minutes;
  • Brief Rome tour in a limo or luxury car (please ask the reception for further details).

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